Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Yacht on your Next Phuket Holiday

One of the best ways to properly appreciate majestic waters is by sailing. Phuket is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. While there are several ways to enjoy the island, yachting remains to be one of the most popular. If you are still hesitating on whether you should charter a yacht, we will help you out. Here are several compelling reasons to embark on a yachting excursion to Thailand’s largest island. 

#1 This is the perfect way to wind down, chill and relax

Phuket has been known to be one of the most frequented destinations in Asia, so you can expect thousands of people to be flocking here. But do not worry because the crowd will not ruin your dream vacation. Although there will be noisy streets on the island, there are still a lot of ways you can quietly experience the beauty of Phuket. You can charter a yacht to bring you to calm water seas where you can wind down, chill, relax and be free of the busy party beaches of the place. You can also go for a private island tour where you can have the island all by yourself. This way, you can experience real paradise. 

#2 Sailing offers a lot of health benefits 

People are attracted to the sea for a variety of reasons, and one of them is the health benefits this activity offers. As life becomes more complicated, it becomes necessary to find ways to handle and release all the pressures and stresses. One way we can do this is to reset our minds and take a holiday break among the majestic waters. Whatever your work or status, going on a yachting trip where you don’t have to think about or care about anyone can help you forget your worries and keep you in the present. Once you experience sailing, you will find out how truly healing the waters of Phuket is. 

#3 This gives you the perfect opportunity to Indulge yourself

Going on a holiday is one of the best ways you can treat yourself. This is your perfect opportunity to do whatever you want, when you want, and where you want. Since these holidays do not come often and are not cheap, you must make the most out of them. When in Phuket, you can charter a yacht to indulge yourself in what the place has to offer at your own pace. There are tons of local delicacies, beautiful beaches, and outdoor activities waiting for you on the island. The best part is that you can experience all the best things in Phuket while sailing on a yacht. 

#4 Yachting can allow you to customize your vacation

The best part about sailing is that you can be hands-on with the planning of the entire trip. Therefore, you can make adjustments depending on who you are taking with you. For example, you can treat your family to a yacht party or arrange unique destinations with friends. You can also make all your holiday extra special by upgrading your yacht. When throwing a yacht party, you can make your celebration as meaningful as it can be by choosing your theme, selecting the songs to be played, and picking the food and drinks to be served.

#5 This is the best time to be one with nature

Being one with nature is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, especially if you are with those closest to you. Phuket is a fascinating and diverse island to tour because it boasts more than thirty beautiful beaches. Here, you can witness white sand, turquoise waters, and refreshing palm trees. You can also enjoy various activities on these beaches besides just relaxing on the sand. These include sports, spectacular nightlife, scrumptious dining, and more. 

#5 Sailing is great for team building

If you would really want to connect with people within our work circle, bring them to a place where there are no distractions. By bringing individuals to a beautiful island like Phuket, where they can focus on the activity alone, they will achieve their goal of becoming a unified team. Furthermore, chartering a yacht will not only give your team an unforgettable experience, but you are bringing everyone closer. 

#7 Phuket offers stunning destinations

Phuket is a site where you may visit some of the world’s most famous beaches, as well as some of the most secluded and quiet ones. When you rent a yacht, you can go to these various destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking every time you change location. You will be amazed to visit the different beaches the place offers, from a hidden beach to a livelier one. They have their famous Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach, and Patong Beach. You can also explore further to visit stunning places along the west coast of Thailand and Malaysia. If possible, consider visiting the beauty of the Langkawi archipelago, Racha Islands, Lanta Island, and Phi Phi Islands too. 

#8 Sailing allows you to truly discover the underwater world

When you go for an ocean adventure, you should not miss out on the beaches and everything that lies underneath, where exotic sea creatures await. You can go snorkelling to witness various fish species from lionfish, manta rays or whale sharks. Phuket is also known as the best scuba diving getaway in Thailand. 

Overall, you should get the most out of your holiday when you come to Phuket by chartering a yacht. This way, you can see the different breathtaking destinations of the world, away from noisy crowds, in the best way possible.

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