How to Make the Most Out of Your Yacht Charter Experience

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So you’re ready to embark on the open waters and enjoy a relaxing holiday with friends and family. Having a crewed yacht charter adds to the unique experience since every crew onboard aims to make it one of the best holidays of your life.

With a luxurious trip like this, it’s only fitting that you make the most out of every service the crew provides. From the incredible chief stewardess who will take care of you the moment you step into the yacht to the amazing barista that’s ready to serve your favourite drinks, here’s how you can take your yacht charter experience to a whole new level.

Let the crew know exactly what you want

Most luxury yacht charters will have you fill out a preference sheet where you can list your favourite meals, desired privacy levels, and more. This is an opportunity to tailor the crew’s services according to your liking so be sure to be as thorough with the details as possible. If you have any food allergies, it’s best to notify the crew in advance so they can prepare meals with this in mind.

Take your time to fill out this form and you’re sure to have a great experience during the whole trip!

Ask the captain about ideal hotspots and destinations

Captains know their way around the waters and know how to create an itinerary that will get everyone excited. They take a lot of pride in their work and will go out of their way to ensure you get the best views and visit the best-kept-secrets that your destination has to offer.

With this in mind, don’t hesitate to ask the captain about recommendations. Chances are you’ll discover some beautiful places that you’ll rarely get a chance to visit again.

Treat the crew with respect

Yacht charter crews put a great deal of enthusiasm into their jobs and are excellent at attending to your needs. However, they are not personal servants and showing a bit of courtesy will go a long way towards keeping them enthusiastic. Don’t forget to say thank you when they give you great service along with a couple of compliments here and there.

Just like any other employee, yacht crews need their time off considering that they juggle multiple responsibilities while onboard.

Keep in mind you’re on a yacht

There are inherent dangers to being in the open water and unfortunately, yachts do suffer from occasional mechanical issues. Safety is the captain’s top priority and the crew has to follow strict safety regulations in case a mechanical problem comes up. If something breaks, don’t try to panic and let the charter crew resolve it.

Allow for flexibility with your itinerary

There are instances where things won’t go according to plan. For example, the weather can affect your itinerary and make it risky for everyone on board. If your captain suggests taking another route, it’s a piece of advice worth heeding as they usually know what’s best for you and the crew members. Usually, they’ll recommend other destinations that are just as fun and exciting as the one included in your itinerary.

Being flexible with your itinerary helps eliminate the worries of dealing with unforeseen incidents that can otherwise ruin a relaxing holiday getaway.

Babysitting is your responsibility

Yacht crews will be more than happy to take care of your children while you enjoy the trip. But keep in mind that “babysitting” is not part of their job description and it’s your responsibility to look after your kids. If they genuinely offer to watch your kids while you do other yacht activities, that’s fine. But it’s highly inappropriate to let them shoulder the responsibility and expect them to take care of your kids 24/7.

Follow the barefoot rules

There’s a reason why captains require guests to be barefoot when walking on the decks and it’s because teak decks are fragile and expensive. If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s okay to use footwear in various parts of the yacht, don’t hesitate to ask the captain.

Normally, yacht crews will give you a shoe basket to store your footwear once you’re onboard. Remember that high heels and dark-soled shoes are an absolute no-no on a yacht as they can damage and mark the decks quite easily.

Just relax and enjoy

You’re on a luxurious holiday with friends and family. Now’s the time to unwind, let loose, and just forget all of the stresses of everyday life. With a crewed yacht charter, you don’t have to worry about making decisions as the captain and his crew can take care of them for you.

By all means, be active. Yacht crews love teaching their guests something new and chances are you’ll learn interesting things when you talk to them. Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make is whether to take part in water sports or just hang out at the deck and have wholesome conversations with your loved ones.

Treat this holiday as a once-in-a-lifetime moment and it will surely be an experience worth remembering.