Phang Nga Bay Private Boat Tour

PHANG NGA BAY Tours with Isabella Yachts

Phang Nga Bay Private Boat Tour

Phang Nga Bay is one of the most stunning areas anywhere in the world. It is home to literally hundreds of small islands with rugged limestone cliffs, most of which are uninhabited. If secluded beaches, hidden caves and lagoons are what you are looking for, booking a private boat Phang Nga Bay tour will be the easiest decision you ever make. We offer regular half-day and full-day tours of the area, following itineraries that have proved to be very popular with our clients over the years. However, if you would like to plan a unique trip in Phang Nga Bay, we can arrange that for you too. We have a wide choice of vessels from which to choose and can organise both crewed and bareboat charters.

Your Very Own Private Boat Charter: Phang Nga Bay at a Leisurely Pace

Even if you’re the kind of person who can never sit still and is always rushing around, you’re going to want to slow down and take in the gorgeous scenery in Phang Nga Bay. The tropical waters, laid-back locals and sun-soaked islands combine to relax even the most highly strung of visitors in a matter of minutes. As soon as your cruise is underway, you’ll feel your cares slipping away. And once you’ve spent a couple of hours on the water, you’ll wonder why you ever hurried anywhere. In short, Phang Nga Bay is the perfect location for a private yacht charter as it’s the kind of place that simply has to be toured at a very leisurely pace. As you travel on your private boat to Phang Nga Bay from Phuket, you can get to know the vessel and crew, settle into the rhythm of life here and enjoy a refreshing drink. All the details of your trip will be taken care of by our team so you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Yacht Charter Phang Nga Bay Highlights


There are so many things to see and do in Phang Nga Bay that it’s difficult to pick out a few highlights but we’ll do our best!


Koh Tapu


If you’re a Bond fan and you’ve seen The Man with the Golden Gun, you’ll recognise the striking silhouette of this island as soon as you see it come into view on the horizon. This is where Scaramanga’s lair was located in the film. Stopping off at Koh Tapu is a must for anyone who enjoyed the film and is part of our regular itineraries. It’s also easy to arrange on custom tours.


Koh Panyee


The island of Koh Panyee is home to the famous floating village that was founded in the late 18th century by Malay fishermen. The nomadic people were unable to purchase land in Thailand, so they built a village on stilts in the sea! Although some have since managed to acquire a more solid foothold in the area, the village is now a permanent fixture and is home to around 1,700 descendants of the two families that originally settled there.


Koh Pa Nak


On the western (Phuket-side) of the bay, this island is home to one of the many hidden lagoons in the area. We mention Koh Pa Nak in particular because the lagoon in question is reached through a 200-metre tunnel, which can be navigated in a tender or kayak.

To see all of the above-mentioned sights and many more besides, contact us now. In a private yacht, Phang Nga to Phuket Marina is a short, easy journey and once you’re there, we guarantee you are going to have a fantastic time.