With your catamaran charter, Phuket’s gorgeous tropical islands, limestone karsts and stunning scenery will come alive as you effortlessly sail out on the pristine emerald green waters of one of Thailand’s most magnificent destinations. Whether you are looking for our crew to captain your trip, or would prefer a private catamaran, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts will ensure you have a magical and memorable holiday.

With our weekly catamaran charter, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts provides you the means to discover the true hidden beauty of Phuket. As part of this unforgettable experience, you will have the ability to plan your Andaman Sea adventure just the way you want it, down to every exact detail. Of course, we are also here to offer you advice if you would like it. We can share with you the details of where you can find the best islands to visit, the most surreal beaches, and destinations that are free of most tourists.

Why would you choose a catamaran over a motor boat or sailing boat?
Catamarans offer a special way to explore the lush, tropical islands of Phuket. Many of our guests often comment that our catamarans are like floating homes. And there probably couldn’t be a better description. Our catamarans can have multiple rooms for your friends or family members, a net between the hulls for sunbathing, a dining area, and amenities like a plasma TV, iPod and Apple TV, air conditioning, freezer, generator, gas stove, oven, and much more. So why even bother staying at a hotel on Phuket or Koh Phi Phi? Instead, why not try a catamaran rental? Phuket’s Isabella Yachts’ catamarans provide all the pleasures of a luxury hotel and more.

Imagine waking up, stepping outside onto the deck of your catamaran. You breathe in the slightly salty, but fresh sea air, and look out to nothing but magnificent views of emerald green waters, sunny blue skies and lush green islands scattered across the Andaman seascape. Can you imagine anything more peaceful? The modern world is nowhere in sight. A hotel can’t come close to matching this one-of-a-kind experience you will enjoy on your Isabella Yachts’ catamaran.

As for the experience of sailing a catamaran, this type of boat has some special abilities worth mentioning. In addition to their comfort, catamarans are fast and stable. Because of their small draft, you can sail close to the beach and into shallower water. This makes a private catamaran rental ideal for those who wish to island hop or simply lounge in the shallow, clear waters of a deserted island off the tourist track.

The spaciousness of our catamarans also makes them perfect for the family. With separate bedrooms for your family members, air conditioning and plenty of room for kids to play and run on the deck, you have everything you need for the most memorable holiday of your life. What’s more, the multi-hulled structure of a catamaran provides incredible stability, which will help you and your family feel safe and comfortable at all times.