In Conversation: Isabella Naef Isabella Naef is the founder and CEO of Isabella Yachts. She brought her Swiss roots and passion for yachting to the perfect turquoise waters of Phuket. We had a chat with our friend Isabella to discuss yachting, business and the luxury market here in Phuket. 1. From Europe to Asia The […]

Luxury Yacht Charters: The Perfect Venue for Corporate Events or Business Meetings 

Corporate events and business meetings have evolved beyond boardrooms and hotels. In order to maintain retention and loyalty, one must be innovative and imaginative, sourcing the perfect venue to create an extravagant and memorable experience for all involved. If you’re seeking an extraordinary alternative to conference halls, maybe a luxury yacht charter is what you’re […]

Controlling and Navigating Your Bareboat Charter: Essential Tips for First-Timers

There is nothing quite like skimming atop the ocean waves with the sun at your back and the refreshing breeze on your face. It is no exaggeration to say that it has changed people’s lives as they become besotted with all things nautical and make sacrifices in other areas to pursue their dreams and passions. […]

Bareboat charter – selecting the perfect size boat for private adventures

There are many factors to consider when determining what size boat you will need for your bareboat charter that goes beyond simply chartering your dream vessel. How many people, which activities you want to include, how confident or experienced you are as a skipper and how far you plan to travel will all bear weight […]

Setting Sail on Love: Crafting Your Dream Yacht Wedding Experience

Picture the scene: You are dressed in the perfect outfit, surrounded by your friends, family, and life partner on board a stunning, luxurious yacht decorated in beautiful finery and looking as immaculate as the guests. An incredible selection of expertly selected wines and beverages are circulated among the crowd, followed by hand-crafted snacks that look […]

Handling Emergencies at Sea: First Aid Training for Yacht Owners and Crew

Anyone who spends enough time living and breathing the yachting life has heard their share of haunting tales. From severe injuries to tragic losses at sea, so many of the tales might have had happier endings if the individuals involved had acted differently. Whether shocking true stories or longstanding urban legends passed down from one […]

Family-Friendly Snorkelling: How to Make the Most of Your Yacht Outing with Kids

The crystal-clear waters of Thailand are the perfect place to embark on a leisurely yacht journey. This world-renowned paradise is an idyllic escape for everyone, creating memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. When planning a family trip, a yacht charter can provide us with all the necessities to keep […]

Onboard Entertainment: How to Keep Guests Delighted on a Yacht Vacation

Imagine watching a ruby red sun dip below the sea at sunset. Picture yourself snorkelling in turquoise waters, surrounded by colourful corals and schools of curious fish. Consider sunning out on an expansive deck, the cool sea breeze through your hair and a cold coconut in hand. All these things are possible when you decide […]

Overnight Boat Trips: Essential Tips for Sleeping Onboard

There is a lot to be said for the experience of spending the night onboard a boat, bobbing gently on calm waters, far away from the chaos of the land, and it’s something we recommend everybody try at least once if they ever find themselves wondering about it. However, there are some important considerations to […]

Common First-Aid Issues on Yachts and How to Handle Them

While the vast majority of time spent aboard is a joyous, relaxing experience second to none, it is important to be prepared for those times when things are less than optimal. And that includes when medical issues arise and need to be handled quickly and efficiently. The team here at Isabella Yachts Phuket have gained […]