Onboard Entertainment: How to Keep Guests Delighted on a Yacht Vacation

Imagine watching a ruby red sun dip below the sea at sunset. Picture yourself snorkelling in turquoise waters, surrounded by colourful corals and schools of curious fish. Consider sunning out on an expansive deck, the cool sea breeze through your hair and a cold coconut in hand. All these things are possible when you decide to vacation on a yacht. 

When you choose a yacht vacation for yourself and your friends and family, why not create the ultimate trip? Personalise your journey with excellent onboard entertainment and stunning daytime and evening activities. Whether it’s onboard entertainment or your activities both on and offshore, you have plenty of choices to create the ultimate trip.

Consider Your Onboard Entertainment Options

A yacht vacation is almost like a personal hotel on the water, complete with dining options and expected amenities. Many yachts will also offer additional opportunities to help keep you and your guests entertained while travelling at sea. Research your options to see what extra choices might work best for you and your party. 

  • Take a Trip to the Cinema: Many yachts will offer television and movie options while aboard, but some will go so far as to deck out a small cinema, complete with a large screen and plush seating. Some cinemas will offer more extensive audio options for your ultimate viewing pleasure. Grab some beverages and snacks, and get cosy! This excellent family option can make for a fun, relaxing evening.
  • Hit the Dance Floor: Going on holiday is already a bit of a party, so you may as well dance your worries away. There are many ways to set up a stage on the decks, and with some soft lighting and good music, you’re well on your way to an entertaining evening.
  • Gaming Options: Some yachts may offer electronic game options, board games, or card games on deck. Gaming amenities on yachts can range from pool tables to dart boards and provide endless hours of entertainment for small and large groups.
  • Pool or Jacuzzi Additions: Some luxury yachts that cater to larger parties or offer more luxurious features will include small pools or jacuzzi options. It’s a surreal and serene way to end the evening after a day on the water. 
  • Fine Dining Options: Many luxury yacht companies understand the importance of a good meal and will provide high-quality food and beverage selections featuring a range of international options. Fresh fruits, exotic curries and juicy steaks are available when dining on a yacht. As many yachts cater to large groups or those travelling in supreme luxury, you’ll also find a cocktail bar on-site to sip on handcrafted cocktails and carefully selected wines.

Whether it’s a day trip or an extended holiday, it’s important to have endless entertainment options for you and your party. 

Consider Your Itinerary

While having a range of onboard options is pleasant, the best part of a yacht vacation is the itinerary you can create for your offshore activities. When visiting Thailand’s tropical beaches, why not cater to activities you’ll only find in the country? From all types of water-based options to your land routes, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep busy and enjoy your time.

  • Choose Your Water-Based Route: A yacht is an excellent way to get around an area and explore harder-to-reach places. Research the activities you can do, and plan according to your group’s interests. Travelling by yacht around the islands is a great way to incorporate water-based activities since you’re already out on the open water.
    • Snorkelling: Snorkelling is an excellent option to see the ocean floor with little to no training. All you need are life jackets, snorkelling gear and a pair of fins, and you’re ready to explore the waters. Yachts have the luxury of docking in multiple places catered to your trip, so you can even plan a snorkelling tour. 
    • Diving: Diving is a breath-taking experience and provides an even more thorough exploration of the open oceans. While it does require training, certification and equipment, it’s an ideal addition to a yacht vacation.
    • Surfing: For those who prefer a mix of land and sea, surfing can be a great option in an area with waves. You can plan day-trip activities for your vacation, where you spend your days surfing and your evenings aboard the boat, basking in the glow of the sunset or sipping on a cocktail in the lounge. 
    • Fishing: Is there anything more relaxing than a day of quiet fishing out on the water? Likely not, which is why many yachts will provide fishing equipment on request. Simply ask when booking to have fishing equipment supplied, and be sure to ask for local recommendations for the best fishing spots. 
  • Plan Your Land Activities: There are endless options on the water, but easily just as many options on land. If you travel around the islands and want to hit the beaches, a yacht allows you to do so quickly.
    • Cliff-Climbing: For adventure-seekers, you’ll find many stunning karst limestone formations all over the islands. You’ll need prior climbing experience, but it’s a great workout with spectacular views. 
    • Find Hiking or Nature Trails: Many islands have hiking options ranging from simple concrete walkways and steps to complex hikes with muddy hills and sturdy ropes. See what options are available for the areas you’d like to visit and remember that the dry season is the best time for your more challenging hikes.
    • Visit a National Park: With so many unique spots and natural wonders, it’s easy to visit a national park. Visit the hidden lagoons, cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear waters. Keep in mind that many national parks require a fee to help maintain the area’s outstanding natural beauty. 
    • Relax at the Beach Bars: It’s nice to have a personal bar aboard your yacht, but if you’re exploring the islands, check out one of the many island bars and embrace your inner beach bum. Look out for sandy floors, wooden furniture, billowing fabrics and comfy chairs or hammocks. Order a pineapple or coconut cocktail and sip your way into absolute bliss. 
    • Book a Massage: Southeast Asia is known for its excellent massages at affordable places, so be sure to take advantage of this option while you visit. Some luxury yachts may offer massage services on board, but plenty of massage shops are easily located all over the islands. 

Travelling on a yacht is a unique experience that will leave you and your group with a lifetime of memories. Whether out on the water or cruising around the islands with your personalised itinerary, the options for entertainment are endless. 

A Tranquil Trip in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country to explore, and a yacht holiday can take your trip to the next level. When planning your yacht adventure, visit Isabella Yachts in Phuket and allow us to create the journey of a lifetime. 

Whether you’re a small family or an extended work party, we offer a range of yachts to suit any need. We can create day trips or longer overnight excursions and will help you plan your route. Our tours are not just in Phuket; we travel to islands like Krabi, Koh Phi Phi or the Racha Islands. Visit our website or reach out today, and we will help you sail happily away into that sunset, coconut in hand. 

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