Family-Friendly Snorkelling: How to Make the Most of Your Yacht Outing with Kids

The crystal-clear waters of Thailand are the perfect place to embark on a leisurely yacht journey. This world-renowned paradise is an idyllic escape for everyone, creating memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. When planning a family trip, a yacht charter can provide us with all the necessities to keep the fun rolling and ensure the kids are happy and entertained. However, there is also much to be considered. Today, we want to discuss some considerations one should make when planning a family-friendly yachting adventure to explore what lies beneath the azure. From choosing the right snorkelling spot to booking suitable accommodation, this is a comprehensive guide on making the most of your yacht outings with the kids. 

Choosing the perfect snorkelling spot to take the children 

The vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life are among Thailand’s many appeals. However, not all are suitable for the young ones. Thankfully, there are plenty of incredible places that provide an abundance of colourful fish and coral without needing to go too deep. If your kids aren’t used to being in these waters, it is definitely best to research a spot that won’t be too overwhelming but also leave them longing for more. 

It is a good idea to invest in the right equipment

If you’re taking your kids into the water, there are two significant things you should do before the trip. Firstly, test out some snorkelling equipment to ensure it fits them perfectly, and they aren’t uncomfortable. Thinking ahead means you will all get to immerse yourself in the action and not worry about anyone being left out. Secondly, you should test the equipment beforehand. Get your kids to practice using them in the hotel pool or even before you leave for your holiday, so when it is time to explore the ocean’s depths, they will be well-versed, confident, happy, and you know that there are no faults with their gear. 

Teach them about marine life. 

One of the most pleasurable experiences for children can be holistically putting the things they learn into practice. Before the trip, they will love learning about all the marine life they might spot. This will ensure they have a perfect time and massively enhance the memories you are going to make. 

Find a guide for your snorkelling tour. 

Of course, we don’t want to embark on a snorkelling tour with a bunch of other people when we have our family to think about, but there will always be an option to hire a private guide. This is a brilliant way to double safety measures, help you relax, and ensure you all have a fantastic time in the water. 

Invest in some form of underwater photography equipment

If you haven’t already, make sure you pack a way of snapping some shots of the whole family under the water. It is one thing to make these beautiful memories, but encapsulating them in photographs means that the whole family can reflect and reminisce about their perfect time in Thailand. 

What are the safety concerns a parent should consider when taking the kids on a chartered yacht? 

It is natural for parents to overthink everything concerning the safety of their child. It may be true that the ocean can be daunting, but as long as you’re in calm waters, you don’t have a great deal to worry about. Here are a few of the things we think you should take into consideration concerning child safety onboard a yacht. 

Motion Sickness – This is probably the most common concern, and it certainly needs to be addressed. However, there are numerous ways you can prepare. You might want to choose a yacht with stabilisation features to limit the onboard motion, or you could use remedies such as ginger, candy, or motion sickness wristbands. There are plenty of ways to deal with this, so it depends on your personal preference.

Sun Safety – When you are in a tropical climate, the sun can sometimes be your enemy when out at sea. As well as sunblock, it is essential to ensure plenty of shaded areas across the yacht so that it is easy to take a break and relax when the sun becomes a little too much. 

Ample onboard supervision – Heading out onto open water can sometimes be a little hectic when with a group, especially with children. This is why it is best to hire a private yacht to go snorkelling with a family. Often, a private charter will come with highly trained staff who are familiar with their surroundings. Having the additional eyes to keep an eye on children can massively enhance peace of mind and allow everyone to focus on having a wonderful time. 

Considerations when choosing the best accommodation for a family-friendly time away 

As well as thinking about preparation and safety, it is also helpful to book a hotel that can accommodate the entire family. Here are a few things you should consider before booking. 

Proximity to yacht departure – This is important for a couple of reasons. The Thai climate can be a little unforgiving, so the less time you need to travel, the better. Also, getting a family ready for a big day out isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so ensuring you are close to where you need to be can make the entire experience far more enjoyable. 

In-house snorkelling opportunities – If it is your first time taking the kids out for a snorkel, double-check that the hotel has a place for them to practise. This could be calm and shallow waters on a private beach or a big enough pool so that you are not in the way of other guests. 

Getting away from the noise – As tranquil as Thailand is, it can come with some late nights. To ensure the children get quality sleep before the yachting adventure begins, it might be worth looking into the hotel’s location and asking them for a room in one of its quieter sections. 

Additional things to keep children entertained on a yachting trip 

Board games and card games – These are always great additions, whether to give the kids a break from the sun or for the whole family to get involved.

Set some snorkelling challenges – To keep them engaged in snorkelling, set small challenges throughout the day. 

Onboard movies – There is nothing like a relaxing movie under the stars when they get tired. 

Water toys and inflatables – Inflatables and water toys are the perfect way to keep a child entertained and energetic. They will undoubtedly sleep well afterwards. 

Plenty of snacks – Always ensure there are plenty of snacks to keep everyone in a fantastic mood out at sea.

Educational activities – Kids love to learn, so educational activities are a brilliant idea on a snorkelling trip. 

Find out how to create the perfect family yachting vacation. 

If you want to know more about creating your perfect family holiday, contact Isabella Yachts in Phuket. We boast a fleet of over thirty magnificent vessels and offer trips tailored to your specific needs and desires. Exploring the picturesque landscapes of South Thailand has never been so perfect. If you have any questions concerning your family yachting adventures, our team of seasoned professionals will be happy to help. 

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