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The best destinations for underwater photography on a chartered yacht

When it comes to the subject of the most incredible locations for underwater photography, thoughts immediately jump to the tranquil tropical beauty of Thailand. There can be few places on the face of the Earth offering a wider range of stunning underwater experiences than those you might find in this glowing jewel of Southeast Asia. […]

Why is a Yacht Charter a Perfect Honeymoon Experience?

After the wedding, newlyweds want to embark on a relaxed honeymoon to de-stress and enjoy carefree time together after months of wedding preparations. You and your partner have numerous honeymoon possibilities, but there is one in particular that you should really consider. What could be better than spending a once-in-a-lifetime trip on a private yacht […]

Why You Should Charter a Catamaran

The stunning island of Phuket can be sailed around in a number of different ways. Chartering a catamaran is an excellent choice we recommend if you’re looking for a relaxing, extended and stress-free cruise. A catamaran charter is the most convenient way to cruise in style and privacy. When compared to a monohull, a catamaran […]

What Are The Advantages of Sailboat Charter vs Cruise?

When comparing a sailboat charter experience to a cruise ship holiday, luxury destinations, unrivalled service, exquisite meals, and a variety of other fun activities are only the tip of the iceberg. As you consider a much-needed break, the water starts calling your name, and you begin to make preparations. You once enjoyed travelling on cruise […]