How to Choose the Best Type of Yacht to Charter

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Choosing the best type of yacht to charter can be quite challenging, especially when you’re new to chartering. Different yachts suit different purposes and in this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each yacht type to help you pick the right vessel for your needs.

Motor yacht

If you’re looking for a relaxing on-board holiday, then a motor yacht is the one for you. This vessel offers a spacious deck thanks to its huge size, allowing you to bring plenty of guests and host various recreational activities at the same time. Motor yachts are powerful and can travel great distances in a short period of time.


  • Spacious deck – Motor yachts feature a multi-deck design which gives them greater deck space compared to vessels with similar length overall. Expect to see large salons and cabins on motor yachts.
  • Fast – Motor yachts pack powerful diesel engines. This results in faster cruising speeds, especially motor yachts that are equipped with a performance motor.
  • Shallow draft – A shallow draft allows motor yachts to travel in shallow waters, thus opening up opportunities for anchorages and swimming spots.
  • Modern features – Motor yachts come equipped with the latest and greatest that yachts have to offer. Designer interiors, an array of mod cons, and superior connectivity are just some of the features you’ll enjoy in a motor yacht.


  • Fuel – Diesel engines are notorious for chugging fuel and the same thing holds true for motor yachts. If you have a lengthy trip ahead, make sure to consider fuel as part of your budget.
  • Carbon footprint – Since motor yachts use diesel engines, they have a higher carbon footprint compared to other yacht types.

Classic sailing yacht

The classic sailing yacht is perfect for the purists who want to experience yacht chartering at its core and learn more about sails and rigging. If you want a bit of romance and adventure on your next trip, then a sailing yacht is the best type of yacht to charter.


  • Green sailing – Sailing yachts use the wind as a power source, thus making it an environmentally-friendly choice for chartering.
  • Zero fuel costs – Instead of factoring in fuel into your expenditures, you can allocate them for a larger vessel or spend more in your chosen destinations.
  • Pure sailing experience – The classic sailing yacht carries an air of romanticism where adventurers can discover the ancient art of sailing.


  • Noticeable heel – Heel refers to the boat tipping from one side to the other. This means you may experience noticeable movement whilst onboard a sailing yacht.
  • Less features – Sailing yachts tend to be pretty straightforward with an emphasis on functionality rather than luxury.
  • Weather dependent – Sailing yachts are highly dependent on winds, thus leaving you at the mercy of mother nature.

Modern sailing yachts

A modern sailing yacht combines the luxury of a motor yacht along with the authentic sailing experience of a classic sailing yacht. This gives you the best of both worlds for a truly unique yacht chartering experience. If the journey is as important as the destination, then you may want to consider chartering a modern sailing yacht.


  • Cost-efficient fueling – Like classic sailing yachts, their modern counterparts use the wind to propel them forward. This means the engine stays inactive until you need it.
  • Lesser carbon footprint – While modern sailing yachts are equipped with diesel engines, they rely mostly on the wind for power which greatly reduces your carbon emissions.
  • Luxury and comfort – Modern sailing yachts are comparable to motor yachts in terms of features and mod cons. Enjoy sailing in a luxurious interior with all of the tech you need for a fully relaxing adventure.


  • Less space – Expect compact cabins and living quarters in a modern sailing yacht since they’re a tad smaller than motor yachts.
  • Heel – Proper placement of engines can help reduce heel, but a bit of heel is still expected in a modern sailing yacht.


Catamarans are like a toned-down version of a motor yacht. They offer a spacious deck for entertaining a large group of guests with its popular sun-loungers and wide beam. However, catamarans aren’t as fast as a motor yacht nor they’re maneuverable in such a way. This makes catamarans ideal for a more laid-back trip with close friends and family.


  • Spacious deck – The double-hull design of a catamaran makes its beam size enormous which is great for accommodating a large crowd.
  • Stability – Catamarans experience almost zero heel, meaning no spilled drinks and no seasickness tablets.
  • Netting – Most catamarans feature a net that stretches from both sides of the vessel. This allows for relaxing close to the waters for a unique holiday experience.


  • Wide beams – Because of its enormous beams, you may find it difficult to find accommodating berths with a catamaran.
  • Anchoring problems – Catamarans are notorious for being difficult to anchor. Of course, this won’t be an issue if you have a professional crew onboard.
  • Maneuverability – Catamarans aren’t built for spirited sailing like motor yachts due to their large size affecting their maneuverability.