How to plan a memorable bachelor or bachelorette party on a boat charter

The time-honoured tradition of having a bachelor or bachelorette party before the wedding day is an event that everyone involved in the wedding party fully appreciates. The day/evening/weekend event can consist of a drinks party, a day out full of activities, a weekend trip or even a party onboard a yacht charter in Phuket. As more and more people choose Phuket as a dream destination to get married, a yacht charter party in this idyllic location makes perfect sense, but how do you plan such a party? Read on to find out more.

  1. Picking the date of the bachelor or bachelorette party – Although in times gone by, having a bachelor or bachelorette party the day before the wedding was common practice, this isn’t practical if you’re planning a party on a yacht charter. A yacht charter in Phuket should be enjoyed and savoured, so should be held quite a few days in advance of the big day. The last thing a prospective bride or groom needs is to be worrying about the wedding day when they should be enjoying a unique experience carefree.
  2. Picking the right yacht charter company – Picking the right yacht charter company can be tricky, but this can be overcome by asking a few pertinent questions before you make your booking. Questions you should ask include:
    • Have you hosted bachelor/ bachelorette parties in the past?
    • Do you have any checkable feedback from satisfied customers?
    • Can you cater to my guests’ dietary requirements?
    • Do you have a yacht that can accommodate my party size?
      You may have other questions specific to your precise requirements that any reputable yacht charter company will be happy to address. Luxury yacht charters come in all shapes and sizes so you should be able to find one that meets your needs regardless of whether it’s for 10 people, 40 people or even more.
  3. Planning your guest list – Many people think compiling a guest list is as easy as adding friends and family members to a list, but there is more to it than this. You need to think carefully about who you want to invite while ensuring you don’t forget anyone! Take your time when compiling the guest list, making sure the people that you want there are invited. Send out the invites well in advance of the party and include a section on dietary requirements that they can complete so you know in advance. A small minority of people can experience severe allergic reactions to foodstuffs such as peanuts, so this information may be extremely important.
  4. Selecting your destination – As previously touched upon, this is relatively easy if you are tying the knot in Phuket, as the yacht charter options are plentiful in this part of Thailand. The same applies to the Caribbean and Mediterranean, as many of the best yacht charter companies also have a presence there. Be sure to check the projected weather conditions in your chosen destination for the time of year you are getting married, the yacht charter company will be able to advise you.
  5. Sourcing additional services – A bachelor/bachelorette party onboard a yacht is an event that you will want to remember for all the right reasons and this means sourcing other things besides food and drinks. A DJ, a photographer or even a stand-up comedian are all things you can consider when planning the event. Again, a yacht charter company with experience in hosting these types of events should be able to give you several options.
  6. Pack appropriately – It may be an obvious point to make, but if you’re planning a trip to tropical climes, ensure you pack appropriately. Light cotton clothing, a hat and sunscreen should be at the top of your list but don’t worry too much, all this and much more will be available to buy at your destination. You may want to include some decorations for the party as well, they may not be easy to find at your destination.

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