How to plan a fun-filled boat charter vacation for kids

Luxury yacht charters are the perfect solution for honeymooning couples and romantic getaways to some of the most incredible, stunning locations in the world. But they are also wonderful for family-friendly vacations and chartering with kids represents the ultimate in exploring and adventuring. The sense of freedom you will experience as a family is hard to put into words and it’s difficult to imagine a more exciting and action-packed way to enjoy a family trip that will surely live long in the memory. Opting for a yacht charter in Phuket and exploring everything this beautiful part of Thailand has to offer is not a decision you will come to regret.

There are some considerations and steps you can take to make sure that you have the holiday of a lifetime and make the most of your time aboard. The team here at Isabella Yachts Phuket have put together some tips and suggestions we think you might find useful when planning a trip chartering with kids. Here are our recommendations for ensuring the best possible experience for everyone:

Include the kids in planning discussions

If the children are old enough, try to include them in any discussions you have about the trip beforehand. This will enflame their imaginations and help during any periods of stress or difficulty when travelling to your chosen destination. Talk about all the activities they might like to experience and build excitement and anticipation for the trip and the fun journey they can look forward to in advance.

Pack sensibly

It’s so easy to overpack when travelling with kids, so remember that Thailand has a plethora of cheap clothing and other supplies if you forget anything. Focus on the essentials like any medication, creams, and bespoke items you need that cannot easily be found once you arrive. If you forget to pack a spare pair of swimming shorts, you will not have to travel far from your room before stumbling across a huge range of them and any other items you might have forgotten.

Talk to your yacht-charter experts and choose the most suitable yacht for chartering with kids

Here at Isabella Yachts Phuket, we are only too happy to discuss options with you and give any advice and suggestions when choosing the most family-friendly craft when chartering with kids. Some yachts are more child-friendly than others, and have safety features such as extra netting and gates to prevent small children from accidentally wandering in the wrong direction or stumbling overboard. They also have a range of entertainment options and many have smaller, child-sized beds.

Wear plenty of sunscreen and protective clothing

The sun in Thailand is glorious and makes everything seem so enticing and comfortable, but it can also be deceptive and dangerous if underestimated. The cooling sea breeze will provide welcome relief and make the whole trip joyous but it can mask the sun’s strength. Be prepared and bring plenty of sun cream, protective T-shirts, and spare hats.

Listen to the crew and follow the rules

It pays to remember that the crew of your chartered yacht will have many years of experience and insight into the areas you will visit and all other aspects of your trip. Talk to them and ask their advice on the best days and times to visit certain areas. They are sure to have some great ideas for family-friendly activities and will gladly share them with you. They are also acutely aware of any risks and dangers you might encounter so you should always listen to their safety suggestions.

It is a good idea to sit with the children beforehand and make them aware of any potential dangers, not to frighten them but to give them a healthy respect for their time aboard their floating adventure ship. Discuss the rules in detail and talk about why they are important, including:

  • Life vests must be always worn on deck
  • No running on the boat
  • Swimming alone is not allowed
  • Kids cannot be on the foredeck unsupervised

Explore all the available environments

The vessel

It’s easy to overlook the fun that can be had on the yacht itself as you sail peacefully along. Why not get the kids involved and encourage them to help operate the craft? They can pull the ropes you tell them to, help to steer, and keep an eye out for wildlife or just live out their pirate fantasies.

The water

When the crew tells you it is safe to do so, make as much use of the crystal-clear Thai seas as you can. There are opportunities for all kinds of activities, including:

  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet skiing
  • Water skiing
  • Paddle-boarding

For some of these activities, you can bring the necessary equipment with you, for others you may need to rent some gear from a friendly local.

The land

As much fun as the yacht and the water can be, don’t neglect the land itself and all the curiosities and wonderful things it offers. From some of the most incredible food on the planet to secluded beaches, coves, and traditional villages. Don’t be afraid to explore the land and its many bounties.

Observe the wildlife

Thailand is home to some of the most exotic creatures on the planet that you and your children might never have encountered before. Be sure to keep a keen eye out for them and take note of each one that you see. Some of them will be pretty elusive but you never know, you might be lucky enough to spy:

  • Gibbons and macaques
  • Deer and wild hogs
  • Otters and other marine mammals
  • Sheep and goats
  • Geckos, lizards, and snakes
  • An incredible variety of fish

There are even elephants, tigers, and leopards out there somewhere, but you would be supremely lucky to see those. It can’t hurt to try though…

  • Top tip: Bring a waterproof camera

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