The best destinations for underwater photography on a chartered yacht

When it comes to the subject of the most incredible locations for underwater photography, thoughts immediately jump to the tranquil tropical beauty of Thailand. There can be few places on the face of the Earth offering a wider range of stunning underwater experiences than those you might find in this glowing jewel of Southeast Asia.

From the explosion of colour and life found in the warm, shallow reef waters to ominous shipwrecks, caves, and chasms for those of a sterner, more adventurous disposition. Snorkelling and scuba diving spots in Thailand have it all and to make life even easier, they are supremely accessible.

A luxurious way to travel

Based in a convenient location, just minutes from Layan beach in Phuket, Isabella Yachts Phuket can help you to discover all these locations and some hidden gems that most tourists never find. By chartering a private yacht with us, you are guaranteed to have the most relaxing, stress-free experience possible in the lap of luxury. No rushing around from place to place and battling for space with the crowds unless that’s what you actually want. 

Our experienced captains know all the best destinations for underwater photography on a boat charter and the optimum times to visit them. But they are equally happy to deliver you to a secluded beach and wait while you soak up the rays and float in the beautifully calm, turquoise waters. Fully trained in ensuring the safety of our valued clients at all times, they remain focused on helping you to have an experience you will never forget.

Our favourite destinations for underwater photography

If you’re excited to discover and photograph an extraordinary variety of aquatic life, we have some ideas to share with you as you experience the unrivalled waters of the Andaman Sea. So, to whet those creative appetites, here are some of our favourite snorkelling and scuba diving spots in Thailand that are guaranteed to keep your eyes wide open and your camera shutters clicking.

Koh Phi Phi

A group of 6 stunning islands, located in a marine national park just an hour or so from Phuket, this is surely one of the most beautiful areas in all of this incredible country. Koh Phi Phi is famous, among other things, for the pristine sandy beaches and crystalline waters seen in the movie “The Beach”, which was filmed here in the year 2000. And those are surely some excellent reasons to come here and bask in the laid-back atmosphere with some of the best seafood you will ever eat. 

When venturing a little further offshore, we find a diverse, fascinating array of underwater life, just perfect for avid underwater photographers. For those who have a little more experience in being on the open water, Koh Phi Phi is, quite simply, one of the most sensational snorkelling and scuba diving spots in Thailand. It offers some of the most remarkable underwater photography opportunities available anywhere and it is highly likely that you will encounter one, or all of the following if you spend some time here and have a keen eye:

  • Leopard sharks 
  • Seahorses 
  • A variety of shrimps and crabs
  • Grouper fish
  • Whale sharks
  • Manta rays

That’s not to mention the glorious, colourful coral and unique rock formations. Adventuring beneath the surface is seldom more rewarding than when done in Koh Phi Phi and it can be made all the more special by doing so from your own luxury private yacht.

Phang Nga Bay 

Phang Nga Bay is instantly recognisable to anyone who has browsed through travel magazines or National Geographic over the years. It is an astonishing area made of hundreds of mostly uninhabited small islands and rugged limestone cliffs. They slowly reveal their fantastical secrets like secluded beaches, caves, and gorgeous lagoons that are a paradise for the holidaymaker and keen photographer alike. While the waters may lack the teeming, chaotic marine life of shallower, warmer areas, they still hide a plethora of fascinating creatures and rock formations. You might even be lucky enough to encounter:

  • Dugong
  • Black finless porpoise

But even if those elusive denizens of the deep are not in attendance when you visit, half-under, half-out-of-the-water shots that always look so impressive are an absolute dream to capture here. 

Koh Tapu

While in the area, any 007 fans must be sure to pay a visit to Koh Tapu. The distinctive outcrop of rock makes it instantly recognisable as the dastardly Scaramanga’s secret lair in the film, The man with the golden gun, which was filmed there in 1974.


Found just off the coast of southwest Thailand there are dozens of picturesque lagoons swarming with marine life of all kinds just waiting to be immortalised with your underwater camera. The surrounding islands are home to tropical flora and fauna when it’s time to dry off and explore further and the whole area is one of peerless beauty and biodiversity.

Koh Pa Nak

One of our particular favourite spots in this area is a hidden lagoon on an island known as Koh Pa Nak. The spectacular location can only be accessed from the water through a 200-metre tunnel filled with stalactites and stalagmites that opens into a secluded paradise. It will take your breath away and have you reaching for the camera and slipping into the water once again. 

Day trip opportunities

It may be that you simply do not have the time to spend as long as you really want in each of these locations. There are certainly a vast array of things to see and do, and it can be hard to decide which of them is the right one for you. That’s where Isabella Yachts Phuket can help you to find out and give you the best of both worlds. 

Our day-trip packages allow you to see all the highlights of each location in one day and allow you to choose an area to spend more time exploring and taking photographs if you so wish. There is no better way to see so many of the best snorkelling and scuba diving spots in Thailand while retaining the relaxed, stress-free attitude that comes from being in capable, experienced hands.

Custom made itineraries

We have a team of highly experienced experts in the local area and they can help you to create the ultimate itinerary based on your particular interests and requirements. If your focus is on finding the best destinations for underwater photography on a boat charter then they have all the advice and information you need. Local knowledge is not to be underestimated in these matters, as it is no use visiting a picturesque underwater location if the tide reduces visibility at that time. 

Our team will share what they can with you and guide you towards the perfect spot. They can even help to arrange a ‘bareboat’ yacht charter for you if you are an experienced, proven sailor and prefer to explore in solitude.

Contact us

If you’re ready to delve deeper into an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience visiting some of the most beautiful, enticing snorkelling and scuba diving spots in Thailand then please contact us today. Our friendly team can tell you all the details of a luxury yacht charter in Phuket and discuss any questions or comments you may have.

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