Escaping the Ordinary: How Luxury Boat Rentals Redefine the Vacation Experience

When one imagines a tropical island holiday, there is inevitably some kind of sea-faring vessel involved. Travelling to the sunny shores of Thailand brings joy to the soul, but this stunning destination image can never be truly complete without at least some time spent onboard a luxury sailing vessel.

Renting a boat for a vacation is something that can be done either daily or for longer periods, and there is truly nothing better than feeling the wind in your hair as you glide across the azure waters in one of the world’s most popular tropical holiday destinations.

The benefits of renting a yacht

Many people dream of owning their own boat, be it a sailing vessel, a catamaran or something a little fancier. Renting a yacht on your holiday is a fantastic way to explore the idea of owning a boat, or if that dream is still slightly out of reach, it is a wonderful way to simply indulge in the fantasy.

The privacy of a rented yacht helps you to step away from the crowds and enjoy your time with friends and loved ones during your vacation. It adds something more to your holiday to be able to experience your surroundings from your private deck. You can simply relax and enjoy the stunning scenery, feeding your soul without interruption.

A full crew or bareboat, the decision is yours

For experienced sailors, renting a boat for your vacation might be something you often do. With the experience and knowledge behind you, it is often a preference to have a bareboat charter where you can enjoy a hobby you love in a new destination.

If renting a yacht is a new concept, then a full crew is ideal for indulging your every whim, from boat operations to elegant onboard dinners that will have you feeling like you’ve stepped straight into a Hollywood movie. Yacht crews are professionally trained and know how to take care of every aspect of your charter, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the time you spend on the water.

How long to spend at sea

Renting a sailing boat or a catamaran is a wonderful way to increase the luxurious feel of any vacation but, once you have decided to charter a vessel, you then need to choose how long you will be spending at sea. A yacht charter in Phuket can range from a half-day trip to weeks at a time. The decision is yours.

For those that are familiar with being onboard a sailing vessel, a longer duration might be very well suited, while for families with younger children, a shorter journey may be preferred. The best way to decide how long you should charter your chosen vessel is to speak to a professional yacht broker who can help you to understand what kind of itinerary you could follow and what there is to see and experience in the area.

Redefining your vacation experience

Renting a boat for your vacation is something that will redefine the very idea of what a luxurious holiday can be. It is akin to having your own private floating hotel, something that not many people have the opportunity to experience in life. With views that change by the day and sometimes even by the hour, you get to experience the luxury of a world where all you need to think about is the refreshing breeze and the sea all around.

While many think of a destination like Phuket as somewhere that is busy with tourists, imagining packed beaches and busy towns, the relative peace that can be experienced on a yacht charter is something completely different. With a full crew to take care of your every need, there is no more luxurious way to spend your time in a tropical and beautiful destination.

How to rent a yacht for your next vacation

If chartering a yacht is something that interests you, then it is best to speak to the professionals. Discuss your preferences for vessel size appropriate to the number of people in your party, charter duration according to your personal preferences and the kind of inclusions you wish to have. Whatever your dream is, a professional yacht broker can make it come true.

A yacht broker like Isabella Yachts will be able to tailor a package to your specific requirements ensuring that your charter will be everything that your dreams are made of. From candlelit dinners under the stars to diving into the depths to experience the magic of the world below, there is something for everyone to enjoy when chartering a yacht in Phuket. Contact Isabella Yachts Phuket today to truly redefine your next vacation experience.

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