Yacht Charter Rules You Need To Know

We can all agree that having excellent yacht etiquette is something we can all need to practice to improve our charter experience. This holds whether you are a first-timer or already a yacht enthusiast. The rules set by the captain will ensure that your time onboard will be smooth sailing.

The truth is, being on a yacht is a unique social environment. The experience carries a set of regulations that apply specifically to riding on a boat. 

This article will tackle what to do and what not to do when you are on a yacht.

1. Respect the captain and crew

First of all, you must acknowledge and respect the authority of the captain and the crew. They are there to keep you safe and to make sure your time on the yacht is hassle-free.

As employees hired by the yacht’s owner, they are familiar with all aspects of the boat. As such, they are fully aware of the terrain and the vessel’s limitations.

Aside from their desire to keep you safe, the whole crew’s goal is for you to have the best experience possible. They want you to treat the yacht as your temporary home. As such, you are to take care of it and be comfortable in it. 

The number of the crew largely depends on the size of the boat. Smaller ones will typically just have one captain and one crew member. But for some of the bigger yachts, you can have up to dozens of staff plus the captain. In any case, the captain is the crew leader and makes sure that everyone does their job and is safe at all times.

2. Listen to the safety briefings

According to the law, everyone who steps on board must undergo a safety briefing. In it, the captain and crew will introduce themselves and talk about the yacht’s layout, emergency protocol, life jackets, and the like. This practice is also an essential requirement for insurance purposes.

Above all, this talk will help ensure that your trip will be a safe and enjoyable experience. This is important, especially for those who will be bringing children.

3. Inform the captain and crew about guests

Part of the yacht charter experience is inviting guests and having a luxurious time with them on board. It puts your entertaining skills on a new level since it puts you on the map as a no-nonsense party organiser.

However, you must inform the boat crew about your guests – who they are and how many you are expecting. This will give the staff enough time to make adjustments on food and other essential provisions on the boat. For sure, you do not want to encounter an embarrassing situation where there will be a shortage of food and drinks.

4. Watch your children

Remember that crew members have their own roles to fulfil on the yacht. Yes, they are willing to assist you and your family in some yacht or water activities. But do not rely on them to care for your children.

If you want to relax on board while the kids are doing something else, you may arrange for your own childcare to join the charter.

5. Wear appropriate footwear or go barefoot

Though not applicable to all, most luxury charters require that you remove your shoes to protect the yacht’s deck. You will often see a basket for shoes when you set aboard.

The crew allows boat shoes since their soles will not damage the yacht. Street shoes and stilettos will damage the carpets and flooring.

6. Bring soft luggage

A yacht’s staterooms are elegantly constructed for you but not for storage. Storage is always a valuable commodity, regardless of the size of the vessel.

We advise against carrying hardshell baggage on board because it takes up significant space. Alternatively, soft baggage that can be folded and stowed away throughout your voyage is a good choice.

7. Notify the crew about your whereabouts

The captain and crew are serious about the safety of everyone on board. They keep a close watch on where everyone is at all times. 

It’s usually a good idea to let someone in your party, whether a visitor or a crew member, know whether you’re going for a swim or taking the tender ashore.

Once you’re out on the water – whether on a tender, jet ski, or enjoying the water – it’s critical to keep within sight of the boat so the crew can see you, and you always know how to come back.

8. Respect local laws

Drug usage, firearm ownership, and alcohol use are all regulated differently in each nation. Because the consequences for such actions are high, the captain and crew are responsible for reporting any such behaviour onboard the boat to the authorities.

So, if you have any questions regarding the local legislation, ask the captain and crew ahead of time. It’s never a good idea to make unfounded assumptions.

Final note

These rules are meant to keep you safe while onboard a yacht. The captain and crew do not want to give you a hard time; the intention is to prevent any accidents. 
Following these rules will not dampen the mood of your yacht charter. On the contrary, a hassle-free trip will give you the best experience possible. If you want this experience for you, your friends and your family, you may try a yacht charter in Phuket, as Thailand is known for such services.

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