What Your Perfect One Week Itinerary On The Yacht Looks Like

Make the most of your limited vacation by indulging in a memorable yacht charter in Phuket, Thailand. It is not every day that you will get a chance to experience this tropical paradise, so you might as well go all out and plan one week of luxury on the sea.

You deserve it. An unhurried time surrounded by exotic islands, clear water, and warm sun is the perfect break from months and years of hard work. It is the ideal vacation for friends, couples, and families. The great thing about seven days on a yacht is that you will get to experience a variety of experiences that will last you a lifetime. 

If you are wondering what the trip would look like, go through our general overview below. Do note that your itinerary can be flexible. It will depend on what you and the captain will decide on. Naturally, the weather and the winds will also play a factor. But these give your trip an added sense of excitement and unpredictability. So embrace the tentativeness. You will have more fun when you allow nature to surprise you.

Of course, the staff, crew, and the captain will recommend the best places to go, depending on the type of activities you want. They can customize your stop-overs and schedule based on your likes and dislikes.

Day 1

After a briefing at the office regarding your trip at 10 am, you will then check in on the yacht and head to your first must-see stop, Phi Phi Don. It takes about four to five hours to get there, but you can have lunch on board along the way. You may also stop at some islands along the way so you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water.

Once you reach Tonsay Bay at Phi Phi Don at 6 pm, you may explore the island and all that it has to offer. There are various shops, bars, and restaurants. It’s up to you if you want to have dinner on the yacht or try the bars and restaurants where you can also party.

Day 2

When you wake up at seven or eight in the morning, your captain has already brought you to Maya Bay in Phi Phi Lee. This world-class area is popular because Leonardo Dicaprio filmed his movie, The Beach, in the vicinity. However, the beach is currently closed to tourists, but you will also explore cruising the islands and visit Viking Cave, Loh Sama Bay, Pileh Lagoon, and even the Monkey Beach back at Phi Phi Don.

Just tell the captain if you wish to stay here for the night or go back to Tonsay Bay and check out more restaurants. It all depends on what you feel like doing since this is your vacation.

Day 3

On your third day, much will depend on the weather. If it’s clear, you can proceed to the clear waters of Racha Island and swim and go fishing there. You may even sleep in the area for a complete paradise experience.

Even if it would not be possible, the alternative, Poda and Chicken Islands, is also a sight to behold. A sandbank connects these two islands during a low tide.

Day 4

On this day, you will set sails to Railay Beach. It would be best if you got your cameras and phones ready as this you want to capture the beauty you are about to see. It is the perfect spot to go snorkeling because of the breathtaking underwater scenery in the area.

This tropical heaven has a small archipelago of lime karsts stone islands and a fertility princess cave. These are sights you would not want to miss.

Day 5

On your fifth day, the captain will let you in on a Thai secret, a secret lagoon, that is. Many tourists say that this is among the most memorable islands in the country and is popularly known as Koh Hong. Its name makes perfect sense because the word Hong means “room” in Thai.

Every angle on this island will give you a postcard-worthy shot that’s perfect for your social media pages. Your friends will surely be envious of your trip to this stunning island.

Once tourists leave the main beach at 4 pm, you may now enjoy the beach all to yourself. This is one of the perks of having a private yacht: you can choose where and when you want to go. You are in charge of your schedule.

Day 6

The day before your yacht charter ends, you will get a chance to experience James Bond Island and Phang Na Bay. Now is the time where you can sweat a little as you explore the area and its caves via a kayak. 

There is a reason why James Bond and Bridget Jones 2 were filmed here, and when you see the sights with your own eyes, you will understand its charm.

Day 7

As you open your eyes on your last day, the stunning sight of Lime Stone Cliffs will take your breath away. Nothing beats this view as you are having your breakfast.

After this, you will then get to swim in the Koh Naka Yai. It is the perfect last stop before you head back to Yacht Haven for check out.

These seven days will definitely be the best days of your lives, as you get to experience this once-in-a-lifetime yacht charter in Phuket.

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