How to Successfully Charter a Yacht for a Vacation

Are you planning for a tropical getaway to explore beautiful bodies of water? If so, then you should charter a yacht for your trip! Driving a yacht will allow you to explore vast islands, visit exotic beaches, and sunbathe with your friends and family. These vehicles will allow you to combine exploration and relaxation. 

If you want to experience island fun but do not know how, this article will teach you how to charter a yacht successfully. Besides that, we will also go into detail about the different charter types.

Steps on how to charter a yacht successfully 

1. Choose the perfect destination. 

The first and most crucial step in planning the perfect journey is deciding on the right location. You should look for a place that will provide you with attractions and facilities that will meet your needs and expectations. Some popular choices for an island getaway include Hawaii, the Bahamas, Malibu, Thailand, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean. 

Another essential factor in choosing the right destination is familiarity with the locality. When picking a place to sail, renting a yacht in an area where you are less likely to get lost will always be an excellent choice. Most importantly, knowing the shore and being familiar with the waters you are riding will always ensure that you have a secure and safe vacation.

2. Rent out the right charter type 

The only way to enjoy a yacht trip is to choose the right boat for the job. Deciding on which yacht to charter may be a little overbearing at first, but we are here to break it down and show you the potential boats you will rent out for your tropical vacation: 

Bareboat Yacht Charter

This boat is chartered mainly by licensed skippers. If you are an experienced sailor, you can rent out a bareboat yacht and drive the boat yourself.

Moreover, renting out a bareboat charter also equips your trip with the essential accoutrements that every sailor needs. This package includes a fully operational yacht with fuel, life vests, ropes, and many other sailing essentials. 

Overall, this charter type is excellent for destinations with a backup location to rent in case the waves become rocky, and the weather becomes unfavourable. Bareboat yacht charters are prevalent in most Mediterranean sailing destinations such as Greece, the Italian coast, Greece, and Spain.

Skippered Yacht Charter

On the other hand, if you do not have any sailing experience or simply wish to relax and keep your hands off the steering wheel, you might consider getting a skippered yacht charter. 

A skipper is essentially the person who is in command of a boat. Therefore, this option provides you with an experienced professional that steers the boat for you and your other companions. They are responsible for choosing the routes for your trip. Therefore, they pick the safest paths based on their preference. 

Furthermore, your skipper not only drives your yacht, but they might also share their trade secrets if you ask them the right questions. They could inform you about the best sailing destinations and some hidden gems within the locality. 

Therefore, choose a skippered yacht charter if you wish to relax and allow a professional to be in charge of the helm. 

Crewed Charter

If you are looking for a trip that ensures a 110% guaranteed relaxing trip, a crewed charter may be the boat for you. Choosing this type of charter means you will acquire a crew responsible for sailing and navigating the ship. 

Not only that, but they will also be the ones preparing your meals and making your beverages. The bigger the boat you choose to charter, the larger your crew. Furthermore, crewed charter yachts are made for maximum comfort and relaxation, so expect a much more luxurious atmosphere on your boat ride. 

Choosing this option can also come with additional equipment such as jet skis. If this is the option you’ll be going for, remember to be respectful to your crew at all times. They are the ones responsible for your safety, and they will be the ones bringing you home.

Cabin Charter

Lastly, a cabin charter is the finest option for those seeking the most affordable alternative available on the market. A cabin charter allows you to rent a single cabin rather than the entire boat. 

This is a dependable, cost-effective option, especially if the number of people you will be bringing is not too large. Furthermore, the price of the cabin you will be renting is determined by the charter program you will participate in. There are cabins for parties, couples, and those who want to go on a solo adventure.

3. Finalising your perfect vacation

Before you start packing your bags and buying your plane tickets, you have to make sure that the entirety of your trip has been planned out and finalised. 

If you have no sailing experience or want to kick back and just relax, make sure that you have contacted your local skipper to assist you along your aquatic adventure. Not only will they stir the boat for you, but they can also give you facts and stories about the locality. 

You should also be sure that your friends and family who are coming along to the trip are well-informed and ready to sail as well. 

Most importantly, check on the boat you will be using and ensure your route has been verified and is safe to pass through.


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