Fantastic Places in Phuket that You Must Not Miss

Phuket is the biggest and possibly the most fun of Thailand’s islands, and it is located in the southern region. It has it all: a plethora of entertainment options, world-class shopping, and some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Because there’s much more to see and do on the island, we’ve prepared a list of the top destinations to ensure you’re only concerned about what to do first.

Elephant Sanctuary

The elephant is Thailand’s national animal. However, many elephants in the country are being abused, forced to perform, and ruthlessly ridden. Visitors can learn about the predicament of the creatures and help those who have been mistreated in the past. You may not only discover about elephants, but you can also enjoy feeding them and watching them in their new surroundings.

Jui Tui Shrine

The style of this shrine, which holds statues of Chinese gods, differs from the traditional Thai temples and offers an impressive sight. It’s not just one of Phuket’s most beautiful shrines but also an important cultural place. It is an essential part of the annual Vegetarian Festival, which sees ardent vegetarians pierce themselves with various items.

Surin Beach

It only takes a glance at Surin Beach to understand why it’s so popular among Thailand’s wealthy and famous residents. There are various high-end resorts, restaurants, and bars here, as well as crystal-clear water and smooth, white sand. It’s a beautiful and serene alternative to Patong’s busy, noisy, and filthy beach.

Phuket Walking Street

The wandering street market, which is located in Phuket’s picturesque Old Town, is a great spot to experience traditional southern Thai cuisine. Aside from the great meals, visitors may browse for original Thai handicrafts and souvenirs among the beautiful, colourful buildings and under the beautiful Chinese lanterns.

Bangla Road

Bangla Road is a pedestrianized thoroughfare in Patong’s party-central area with a plethora of bars, pubs, and nightclubs on both sides. As you take advantage of low-cost drinks and laid-back attitudes, ladies will perform around poles, on stages, and even on your table. One thing is sure: you’ll never have a boring night in there, whether you like it or not.

Phuket Old Town

While most people flock to Patong’s sun-drenched streets, the Old Town of Phuket is worth visiting for a more accurate view of the island. Hundreds of ancient, colourful colonial-style mansions and townhouses, as well as attractive, family-friendly shops and restaurants, line the streets. It’s ideal for Instagram and a refreshing change of pace from some of the city’s more vibrant areas.

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is a remote and unspoiled beach among Phuket’s numerous beautiful beaches. As a result, there are no water sports or loud music on this stretch. It’s a postcard-worthy beach with silky sand and gorgeous blue waters that you can visit for yourself.

Phuket Weekend Night Market

The Phuket Weekend Night Market is a great spot to find a good deal. There are many market stalls selling everything from fragrances and t-shirts to homemade crafts so that tourists can enjoy authentic Thai food and purchase souvenirs. It’s perfect for exploring new cuisines and putting your bargaining skills to the test with low-cost dishes as well as plenty of gift possibilities.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach is a long, beautiful bay with powdery-soft sand and exceptionally enticing blue water in Karon’s western tourist resort town. There’s a lot more to do here than just sunbathe and swim, even if the prospect of relaxing in this paradise is appealing. With spectacular views of the bay and the sea, the village of Karon boasts a lot of excellent pubs and restaurants to choose from. There’s also the temple of Wat Suwan Khirikhet to see.

Central Festival

Because of its Western characteristics, Phuket sometimes feels more like a metropolis than an island. The retail facilities, of which Central Festival is the king, are one of the city’s main attractions. It’s excellent for those days when it’s raining, or you’re just sensing a shopping trip coming on, with multiple levels of mainstream Western high-street brands like Zara and H&M, as well as tons of cafes and a cinema.


Fantasea, the island’s largest spectacle, is staged on such a grand scale that this would seem quite at home in Las Vegas. It’s a sprawling, magical complex with a theme park, restaurants, and various shows. Through diverse performances, visitors will be treated to a magical experience as they discover Thai heritage and traditions.

Kata Noi

The immaculate sand and pure, blue sea of Kata Noi, a small but wonderfully constructed beach on Phuket’s western coast, complement the neighbouring green tree line. Because there isn’t a lot of current here, it’s great for swimming for individuals who want serenity, as well as couples and families.

Big Buddha

Buddhists make up the bulk of the people in Thailand. Even though there are many Buddhist temples and statues to commemorate their beliefs, only a few are as spectacular as Big Buddha. From the top, you’ll be rewarded with stunning, breathtaking views of Phuket from a 45-meter-tall (148-foot) white marble statue worth the walk in the scorching sun.

Phi Phi Island

Within an hour or two’s sailing from Phuket, this group of six islands in the Andaman Sea is situated in a marine national park. Only one of the islands, Phi Phi Don, is inhabited, but you may see them all with a private boat charter. 

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