What Are The Advantages of Sailboat Charter vs Cruise?

When comparing a sailboat charter experience to a cruise ship holiday, luxury destinations, unrivalled service, exquisite meals, and a variety of other fun activities are only the tip of the iceberg. As you consider a much-needed break, the water starts calling your name, and you begin to make preparations. You once enjoyed travelling on cruise ships, but times have changed, and you now have another fantastic choice for experiencing the enchantment of the ocean. Similar to a cruise, chartering a boat enables you to visit multiple sites without the hassle of arranging transportation and lodging.

In this article, we will be giving you helpful insight about the different advantages of choosing a sailboat charter vs taking a cruise ship.

Yacht Charter Vs Cruise Ship

  1. Freedom to explore

When you take a sailboat charter, the boat is yours for the duration of the charter, thus, you are in charge of the itinerary, shore excursions, and daily schedule. Aboard a cruise ship, all tours are pre-planned with set itineraries, so passengers must adhere to time limits to prevent being left ashore. These readily available itineraries are rarely strayed from, leaving you no choice but to adhere to the regulations. A sailboat charter has no predetermined route. 

Yacht charters can visit tiny islands, hidden beaches, private anchorages, and diving sites away from all the cruise liner crowds. You have complete authority over your itinerary, food selections, money, and daily schedule. You can certainly do so if you want to wake up and spend the entire day basking in the sun on a private beach. As long as you return the yacht by the agreed-upon time and location, you are free to follow your own course during a yacht charter.

  1. Service and crew accommodation

A cruise ship often has a personnel-to-passenger ratio of less than 50 percent, reducing the likelihood of personalised service because crew members will have to cater to many more passengers. Yacht charters provide a genuinely five-star experience. A dedicated crew will serve you on a yacht. The crew-to-guest ratio on the majority of crewed boats is one-to-one. This means that a stewardess will always be available to replenish your drinks, assist you in planning shore tours, and deliver exceptional dining service. In addition, you will have access to a deck crew that can help you in planning and organising water sports activities, stress-free trips, and beach lunches.

  1. Privacy

The vast majority of cruise ships carry over 3,000 people. As a result of these visitors sharing the same facilities and dining room space, a cruise can feel crowded. Instead of experiencing the commotion of a large crowd, why not create memories in complete isolation from the outside world? Absolute seclusion is one of the most fundamental advantages of a luxury yacht hire.

You will individually pick the only passengers who will accompany you onboard. Whether you are seeking a dream family holiday or a trip with friends, you will only ever be accompanied by your fellow passengers and a dedicated crew. You may therefore spread out, unwind, and escape the crowds and lines you would undoubtedly encounter on a cruise.

  1. Safety

Although cruise ship vacations are not inherently dangerous, there are several reasons why a private yacht charter is the safer alternative. With only close friends and family on board, you may rest assured that you are not accompanied by anyone harbouring ill will, and the likelihood of contracting a contagious disease is much reduced. In contrast, a cruise ship can be a potential hotspot for any contagious diseases such as influenza or COVID-19.

Charter yachts provide a significantly safer experience. Charter ships are cleaned and disinfected before and during each hire to prevent disease transmission. You can arrange for your entire vacation to be socially isolated by arriving on a private jet and avoiding crowded restaurants and ports. Since you control the guest list, you can rest assured that your other passengers are not carrying anything that could negatively affect you or your guests.

  1. Dining and cuisine

Unlike most cruise ships, a crewed boat will have a skilled personal chef at your service. Before boarding, you will be asked about your prefered foods and beverages, as well as any dietary restrictions, to ensure that you are never disappointed. Throughout the charter, delectable meals will be prepared to your specifications and presented at a time that suits you. Typically, a cruise ship serves meals in a vast dining hall at predetermined times, with a menu designed for the masses. It may be possible to request a private table, but there will be an additional charge. If you like to dine in a restaurant ashore or outdoors on the aft deck, it is your choice aboard a yacht charter.


Contrary to private yacht charters, cruise ships offer considerably less privacy and intimacy. Cruise ships resemble floating hotels with hundreds of cabins and thousands of passengers. During peak season, the quantity of passengers walking through the ship’s many public areas reaches the same number as shopping malls or amusement parks. Consider a private yacht charter if you want to visit Phuket’s beautiful beaches, islands, and port cities, and we guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable experience! Taking a sailboat charter if you wish to visit the many breathtaking sights that Phuket offers is the best option you can choose on your tropical get-away.

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