When you book a private boat charter, Phuket’s surreal seascape, limestone karsts and magnificent tropical scenery will come alive. Aboard your motor powered yacht, you will cruise full steam into the emerald green waters of the Andaman Sea. Like an explorer in an unchartered territory, you can cruise to remote islands and beaches away from the beaten tourist track. Or you can simply anchor in the open ocean and relax with your loved ones while enjoying the peace, quiet and special time together on your most amazing Thailand holiday.

With our private boat hire, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts provides you the chance to experience the raw, natural beauty of Phuket’s remote islands and tropical paradise. You can plan your entire yacht adventure on your own, or rely on our expertise of the most breathtaking beaches, hidden away islands, and secret spots that are well off the tourist track. The choice is yours. However you wish to spend your holiday, Isabella Yachts is here to ensure it is unforgettable.

Why choose a motor boat over a sail boat?
For guests who are unsure of whether to book a motor or sail boat charter, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts is happy to advise. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong answer. Choosing a motor or sail boat is purely a matter of taste. However, there are very specific reasons many of our guests choose a motorized yacht over a sail boat.

One reason in favor of motorized yachts is that sail boats require wind to move. With a motor boat, you never have to worry about missing out on any islands or beaches in your itinerary because the wind decided not to blow. Along the same lines, motorized yachts also are faster. You and your crew are in full control of your speed and how quickly you would like to get to your chosen destination. If you want to cruise fast and feel the wind on your skin and running through your hair, you can do that. If you want to anchor in the open ocean and let the waves gently rock you and your friends and family as you enjoy some wine and good conversation, you can do that. With a motorized yacht, you are in control of your destiny and trip.

Our motorized yachts can carry anywhere from 6 to 60 passengers and are suited for all occasions. Our 28 foot Boston Whaler is an exceptional choice for day trips and guests who would like to embark on a fishing adventure. For larger groups, our 70 foot Blue Lagoon Catamaran is ideal for birthdays, weddings, team building events and celebrations of all kinds. For overnight trips we also offer motorized yachts with multiple cabins, such as our Power Catamaran, Leopard, Sunbird, Integrity or Princess Yachts.

For those in search of a luxury boat hire, Phuket visitors are sure to enjoy the fine amenities available on Isabella Yachts’ boats. Yachts can come equipped with Jacuzzis, flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, sound systems, saloons, en suite bathrooms, and more. For a luxury boat hire, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts delivers.