Halvorsen 50 FT


Welcome aboard Mami Wata, a 1954 Halvorsen wooden boat, 15 meters long, perfect for sunset cruises and day trips. This vintage masterpiece offers an unparalleled journey through Phuket’s enchanting waters.

As you step on board, prepare to be transported to an era of craftsmanship and elegance.

Perfect for overnight charters and day trips, Mami Wata has two cozy cabins for up to 4 guests. For day excursions, her deck can host up to 8 guests, ensuring shared magical moments.

The tale of Mami Wata intertwines with Lars Halvorsen’s legacy. In 1924, Lars and his sons established Lars Halvorsen Sons Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, a beacon of maritime craftsmanship.

Mami Wata is a time capsule, echoing the legacy of Lars Halvorsen. Every inch sings a song of the bygone days, promising a journey etched in nostalgia.