Riviera 58 FT


Introducing a luxurious 58-foot yacht meticulously crafted by the renowned brand, Riviera. Originally built in 2015 and recently refurbished in 2022, this vessel stands as the epitome of opulence and sophistication on the open seas.

Embark on a stylish cruise with a comfortable speed of 10 knots, while the boat offers an exhilarating top speed of 25 knots for those craving a thrilling maritime adventure. Emphasizing exclusivity, this privately owned yacht caters to intimate experiences, accommodating up to 12 passengers for day trips and ensuring a more private atmosphere for overnight stays, limited to only 2 passengers.

Designed for unparalleled comfort and relaxation, she features three well-appointed bedrooms and two bathrooms, providing a lavish onboard experience. The entire yacht is fully air-conditioned, offering a refreshing escape from the elements.

Step outside onto the expansive outdoor cockpit, equipped with hydraulic amenities for seamless transitions between the interior and exterior spaces. Bask in a sun-soaked day on the water, complemented by a swim platform, double BBQ, and a fishing station for the ultimate maritime indulgence.

Take refuge from the sun under the shade of the sun extension, creating the perfect setting for socializing and enjoying breathtaking views. She boasts a gyro-stabilized hull, ensuring a smooth and stable journey even in varying sea conditions.

Whether you desire a day of leisure, a romantic overnight escape, or a celebration on the water, She guarantees an unparalleled experience. Secure your voyage today and set sail on a journey of luxury and serenity aboard this exquisite Riviera creation.