With your private yacht hire, Phuket’s beautiful seascape, lush tropical islands and stunning limestone karsts come alive like never before. Aboard your sail boat, you truly become part of the seascape and one with your environment. The wind in your hair, the emerald green waters surrounding you and the slightly salty smell of the sea filling your lungs, you forget the modern world and immerse yourself in the Andaman Sea’s magnificence.

With our yacht charter, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts will enable you to experience the Andaman Sea’s true natural beauty and pristine environment. You can plan your island hopping adventure on your own, or we are happy to share our advice on where you can discover the best beaches, most hidden away islands, and destinations that are well off the tourist track.

Why choose a sailing boat over a motor boat?
Anyone who has ever stepped foot on a sail boat knows the wonder it can ignite in your spirit. Being in existence for many centuries longer than motor boats and sailed by great explorers such as Leif Ericson and James Cook, sail boats have an old world charm that can spark the imagination. Without a motor to power you, you are completely connected to the wind and ocean. Perhaps it’s a yearning to be more in touch with the environment, but using an experienced crew or your own hands to determine where your boat takes you, instead of relying on a throttle, tends to inspire a childlike pleasure. For many who ride a sail boat, they are enveloped in a complete sense of peace. If you have yet to experience the joys of sailing, we are sure you will discover a love for it with our yacht hire. Phuket’s Isabella Yachts also provides a wide selection of sail boats to choose from.

Our sail boats can carry anywhere from 6 to 80 passengers and are suited for all types of occasions. From our Lagoon 400 to our Salina Evolution 48, we offer several yachts that are perfect for multi-night excursions out on the sea. For those looking to socialize or have some fun with friends while cruising the Andaman Sea, the Party Catamaran 80 yacht is the ideal choice. The enormous yacht is fully equipped with a dance floor and bar to help you celebrate a special occasion or simply have a good time while you’re enjoying your yacht charter in Phuket.

What’s more, if you are searching for a luxury yacht charter, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts delivers. A quick look through our selection of yachts below, and you will see the posh features of our remarkable sail boats. Yachts can offer amenities such as solid teak bathtubs, wine bars, fully furnished cabins, dining areas, en suite bathrooms, king sized beds and more.

For the most unforgettable yacht rental, Phuket’s Isabella Yachts offers you the luxury, class, exceptional service and amazing adventures for your Thailand holiday. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Make your trip to Phuket a holiday you’ll remember for a lifetime with Isabella Yachts.