Lagoon 450 (Minimum 7 Nights)


It is a beautiful catamaran, which remains well proportioned on the water like a Lagoon 400S2 or the more recent  Lagoon 42.
Its spaces of relaxation are numerous and separated, which leaves a lot of tranquility to its occupants.
The cockpit has a small sofa, nice, in the shade to take a nap, or even sleep at night under the stars of Thailand.
I also like its ergonomics. The descent of the flybridge to the square is enveloping and provides a feeling of security.

Her speed, like the Lagoon 500, is impressive. It is not a big unbalance on the water handicapped by its dunnage. By formed sea it behaves well, and the performances are good. Do not hesitate to reduce and open the plan of the sail.

The positive point, covered the flybridge, offer you a very nice 3rd area to stay with your friends who are just in front of you on the large sun bed. From there you see everything, it is maybe time for the auto-pilot to work and sirop your cocktail